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   20793's Best Backpacking List

   Empty Stocking Fund Waiver 2017

   2016 Christmas Activities Permission Form

   Ice Skating Waiver 2016

   Empty Stocking Fund Waiver 2016

   Girl Scout Information Form

   Service Hours Chart

   My Walking Chart

   Empty Stocking Fund Waiver

   Ice Skating Waiver

   Holiday Activities Troop Permission Form

   August 5th Day Hike to BSF

   October 2013 Backpacking Permission Form

   October 2013 Backpacking Packing List

   Backpacking Packing Permission

   Backpacking Packing List

   Thinking Day 2013 permission form

   October 2012 camping permission form

  Camp Packing List

  March 2012 Camp Packing List

  Christmas Parade 2011 Permission Form

  Big South Fork Day Trip

  May 2011 Camp Packing List

  Twilight Camp 2011 Flyer

  Nov 20-21, 2010 Camp Packing List

  Blank permission slips